The Foundation conducts several educational workshops during the year with different topics on new products, programs, medical practices, etc. These educational events are target to the community with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and Won Wuilebrand and they are developed with the participation and support of the manufacturing companies through their representatives and medical specialists who guide the participants about their condition.
Monthly Educational Workshops with update topics
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We are truly delighted that we can help you, that’s why we have a varied background of social programs which aim to be close to the people. We are committed to the economically most vulnerable, offering support and services that allow them to have a better quality of life. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to answer any of your question.

special events

Annual Awareness Rally

This event be attended by 300 participants including members of the bleeding disorder community, patients, caregivers, clinicians, and industry representatives that will come together to create awareness for bleeding disorders. This activity is ideal for mobilizing the community support and target participants from a wide range of ages.This event are popular because they allow the children to have fun, encourage healthy exercise and promoted as a symbol of raise awareness for the public and their family on blood disorders such as von Willebrand disease and hemophilia. Our goal is to help the social committee raise to fund the diferents programs. We always hope that each family will participate in the sponsored Rally to the best of its ability. If each family help us we will achieve our goal. Thank you very much for your participation!

Annual CandleLight “A Light for the World”

This event is designed to commemorate the World Hemophilia Day, which was established in 1989 by the World Federation of Hemophilia (FHM) in honor of the federation's founder Franz Schnabel. We also paid tribute to family and friends who died from this condition, especially those hemophiliacs who became infected with the HIV virus and hepatitis C in the late 1970s up to 1985 for products for contaminated hemophilia blood products *. Throughout the event's agenda, sponsors have the wonderful opportunity to talk directly with patients and family members about their resources and programs.
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Annual Family Educational Picnic

This event is designed to have different recreational and educational activities. These activities give the community with bleeding disorders the opportunity to get in touch with nature and gain knowledge in different areas such as, safe exercise, how to self-infuse and be more independent. Likewise, the sponsors have their display booth in order to educate and inform patients and their families.

Back 2 School Awareness

This event is designed to encourage and inspire our children who have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder to know the importance of staying in school. Our goal is to increase awareness that by staying in school they will have a better chance of acquiring a white collar job rather than a blue collar, where they don’t force their body to heavy task and instruct them with proper precautions before going back to school. Also is a great opportunity for the bleeding disorders community to meet and network with the companies representatives (Manufacturers and Specialty Farmacies).

Annual Educational Convention for Youth

The main objective of this event is the interaction with the young community with bleeding disorders. In this activity children and young people will be educated with simple language on hemophilia, prevention and prophylaxis of spontaneous and accidental bleeding. The emotional area will also be reinforced with activities geared towards the acceptance as a person with a condition.

Believe in Magic Event

This event is designed to encourage and inspire our children who have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder to know the importance of good physical and mental health during this holiday season and throughout their lives. To increase the importance of positive thinking, to enjoy life and to maintain a healthy relationship with family, friends and society. In this activity, the foundation give away toys to all children in the community as a symbol that life can be magical if you have big dreams and illusions.